Venture Southland is proud to share agendas and reports with the community which show the activities, events, promotions and strategies that are being worked on by staff. 

Joint Committee Agendas

Joint Committee meetings are held in the boardroom at Venture Southland, Spey Street, usually at 10am.  These meetings are approximately every six weeks (see schedule below). 

Members of the public are welcome to attend, however only Committee Members and those invited to speak to agenda items have speaking rights. 

Joint Committee Meeting Dates 2018

  • Monday 12 February
  • Monday 26 March
  • Monday 14 May
  • Monday 25 June
  • Monday 13 August
  • Monday 24 September
  • Monday 5 November
  • Monday 17 December

Year in Review

A Year in Review in produced annually to highlight regional achievements and updates for Venture Southland led projects.

Quarterly Reports

A report is produced at the end of each quarter for Venture Southland's stakeholders, showing progress against the years KPI's and objectives.

Annual Financial Statements

For further information contact
Bridget Napier - Venture Southland

Bridget Napier

Communications Co-ordinator