The establishment of the Southland Regional Development Agency signals an exciting new chapter in Southland's regional development.

In 2015, it was identified that in order to encourage Southland's future prosperity, a renewed focus on growing Southland's culture and lifestyle, economic diversity and overall population was required.

To oversee this, and address the recognised challenges to achieving growth, the Southland Regional Development Agency (SRDA) was established as a council-controlled organisation in March 2019. 

The agency will build upon the innovative and successful work carried out by Venture Southland and strive for even greater reach in its regional development efforts. To lead this, a board of local and national figures has been appointed including Ian Collier, Dean Addie, Sarah Brown, Lucy Griffiths, Joc O'Donnell and Maria Pera.

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SRDA Shareholders

Recognising the importance of collaboration, the agency will work alongside councils and both public and private sector representatives to drive regional growth. 

Class A Shareholders 

Class B Shareholders