With Southland recognised as one of the largest grain producing regions in New Zealand, Venture Southland is investigating the potential to build a high-value, commercial industry in the region based upon oats.

With its climate, soils and regular rainfall, Southland has a natural advantage in growing oats. To capitalise on this, Venture Southland has developed the oats initiative, to investigate the development of high-value health and wellness products, and export products based upon Southland oats.

Growing awareness of the benefits of oats for health and wellness products has meant Southland has the potential to claim a spot in this emerging market, which will only continue to grow as individuals become more aware of their own nutrition and health.

The success of the project would enable Southland to diversify their economy through the creation of a new industry which would result in more employment opportunities, and establish more land-use options for farmers.

The investigation is progressing well with discussions with potential investors already underway.

For further information contact
Steve Canny - Venture Southland

Steve Canny

Group Manager Business and Strategic Projects