With the support of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment the Invercargill i-SITE is set to provide the ideal location from which to entice visitors to relocate to Southland.

It is estimated that 95% of migrants that move to Southland have been visitors to the region first, with visitors often using the i-SITE network during their travels to look for information and advice.

As a result of this,  the Invercargill i-SITE is partnering with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) to run a pilot programme that will entice visitors to relocate to the Southland region.

The programme sees the Invercargill i-SITE displaying information about careers and employment opportunities available in Southland, including highlighting industries where there is demand and helps to connect potential migrants with industry representatives. 

An online jobs portal has been created to allow visitors to browse current job listings, and learn more about the Southland lifestyle. The portal displays job listings from TradeMe, and provides links to other employment websites such as SEEK and Farm Source.

Although only a pilot at this stage, if successful MBIE will look to run the programme across all New Zealand i-SITE, working alongside the attraction and promotion initiatives specific to each region.

For further information contact
Bobbi Brown - Venture Southland

Bobbi Brown

Group Manager Community, Tourism and Events