Venture Southland advocates for the awareness of efficient, innovative and environmentally-friendly energy options that help to mitigate climate change.

A regional approach to exploring cost-effective, energy options resulted in the first energy assessment for the region being undertaken in 2003 and contributed to the development of the Regional Energy Strategy in 2011.

The 2011 Strategy emphasised that in order to mitigate the effects of climate change and see Southland continue to thrive new thinking, investment and a renewed skill-set was required.

As part of this new-thinking, it was identified that industry waste could actually be used to provide energy and significantly reduce electricity demand and environmental harm - particularly on dairy farms.

To further develop this concept, Venture Southland established the Methane Recovery project which focuses on waste-to-energy conversion on Southland Dairy farms.

The strategy also encouraged the development of more environmentally-friendly energy options, with the Wood Energy South project established by Venture Southland in 2014

Together, the strategy and the development of innovative energy options gave strength to Southland's voice within the energy sector and across the rest of New Zealand.

Work is ongoing to ensure Southland has a secure and cost-effective energy supply, is able to foster community and economic development, and contribute positively to our environment. 

More recently the launch of the Carbon Neutral Advantage project has again highlighted Southland's commitment to raising awareness of efficient, innovative and environmentally-friendly energy options.

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