Through working with the media, and developing trade channels, we're helping to put Southland on the map for both domestic and international travellers.   

The media and our developing trade channels play a key role in raising the profile of the region, and increasing Southland's visitor numbers.

By pitching opportunities to the media, and introducing them to Southland's activities, natural environment, food, personalities and history we are able to gain media coverage in various traditional and online channels.

This is complemented by ongoing work to develop trade channels, which not only promotes Southland as a valued destination but as a commissionable and therefore a lucrative option for tourism operators as well.

To help support the development of trade channels, we work alongside local operators to prepare their business for trade and then promotes these businesses through a variety of channels including inbound operators, wholesalers, Tourism New Zealand and retailers including the i-SITE network.

Promoting Southland's tourism operators and overall offering within trade channels and national and international media is a large part of the role we play to keep Southland in front of mind.


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Emma Hunter - Venture Southland

Emma Hunter

Tourism Media and Marketing Support