As a region, Southland is rich in knowledge, innovation and resources which all help to support businesses and ensure their development and growth.

Contributing 15% of New Zealand’s tradeable exports from just over 2% of the national population, Southland has a strong economy that helps to create a variety of investment opportunities for local and international sources. A growing international workforce also provides an ideal foundation for new and existing businesses.

Southland applies scientific knowledge to increase the productivity of its agricultural, energy and mineral resources, and to capitalise on its physical geography. The region’s topoclimate surveys provide a powerful knowledge base for investment opportunities in agricultural diversification to further develop high-value food processing.

Key business attributes of the region

  • 335,000 tonnes of pure aluminium produced each year
  • Highly Productive soils support diverse growing opportunities
  • Over 200 farmers capable of new grain production
  • Four global food processing plants
  • World class space tracking and atmospheric research stations
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Alistair Adam

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