Venture Southland is here to help business people in Southland start, improve and grow their business.

As the Regional Business Partner (in partnership with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise and Callaghan Innovation), Venture Southland provides a wide range of services to meet the needs of the many businesses operating in Southland. These include but are not limited to business advice referral services, funding information and facilitating a mentor programme.With extensive knowledge, guidance and access to networks that Venture Southland can contribute to your businesses success. The services offered help to ensure that Southland businesses are operating as efficiently as possible, and encourage innovation and research and development within the sector.

In addition, Venture Southland runs programmes to improve business efficiency such as Lean Manufacturing and provides support to Dairy NZ to run the Dairy Lean 'Farm Tune' programme. Support is also offered to facilitate business innovation such as new tourism product development workshops and digital enablement training.

Regardless of what stage your business is at, you are welcome to book a free consultation to discuss any questions, challenges, or to find out what tools are available, including access to specific agribusiness and Maori business services.

For further information contact
Alistair Adams - Venture Southland

Alistair Adam

Business Services Manager
Adina McDowell - Venture Southland

Adina McDowell

Business Growth Advisor
Kelly Watt - Venture Southland

Kelly Watt

Business Growth Advisor