Venture Southland offers support, advice and assistance to help give your business the best possible start.

If you're thinking of starting a business, take advantage of the free services offered by Venture Southland.  Our business staff provide the following services:

Start-up Business Consultation

We offer a confidential, free, one-on-one, consultations with one of our business advisors. This can help to identify what information, resources and funding options may be available for you, give you the opportunity to discuss all of your start-up questions and clarify thinking for your business plan and objectives.

Business Planning Advice & Plan Review

We have a wide range of business plan templates that can help you to develop your own personalised business plan. A business plan can help focus your ideas, identify areas of potential growth, give you credibility with banks and lenders and establish a roadmap for achieving your business goals and vision.

Alongside offering business plan templates for you to use, Venture Southland also offers a free, confidential business plan review service.

Start-up Business Mentors Programme

The start-up business mentoring programme provides six months of accelerated mentoring for people who have a new business idea or are looking for help in starting a new business.

The mentors are Southland business people who have experience in business start-ups and can offer guidance, act as a sounding board, test your thinking, help you to validate your idea and support you in the development of your business plans.

For more information on this service and to register

Go to the Business Mentors website 

For further information contact
Alistair Adams - Venture Southland

Alistair Adam

Business Services Manager
Adina McDowell - Venture Southland

Adina McDowell

Business Growth Advisor
Kelly Watt - Venture Southland

Kelly Watt

Business Growth Advisor