High levels of community engagement across the region contribute to a quality of life not found elsewhere and help community groups succeed with their own initiatives.

Although Southland is recognised as having strong and vibrant communities, our rural populations often face the challenge of maintaining services and recruiting volunteers in a large geographic area, where there is a dispersed population.

To help address these challenges, our community planners work alongside local people, councils, funders and other key stakeholders to deliver a range of community projects and initiatives that help make rural Southland a desirable place to live, grow up, run a business, raise a family and enjoy a safe and satisfying life.

Venture Southland has a community development planner allocated to each area within the Southland district who is committed to building community capacity and capability, local community initiatives and providing information on community funding.


For further information contact
Kathryn Cowie - Venture Southland

Kathryn Cowie

Community Development Planner
Megan Seator - Venture Southland

Megan Seator

Community Development Planner
Tina Harvey - Venture Southland

Tina Harvey

Community Development Planner