Venture Southland supports community groups in the Southland District with funding applications. 

Public funding in Southland comes from a variety of sources - local authorities, local and national gaming machine trusts, local organisations such as the Community Trust of Southland, and national funders.

Below are the details of some of the main funding options in Southland and also some of the national funders.

Community Trust South

  • Grants under $5,000 considered on a monthly basis
  • Grants $50,000 and under can be applied for at anytime
  • The funding area includes the Southland province and the Queenstown, Glenorchy, Arrowtown, Tapanui and Heriot areas.

For more information:
Visit the Community Trust of Southland

Invercargill Licensing Trust (ILT) & ILT Foundation

  • Applications considered throughout the year
  • Varying grant amounts and types of projects considered
  • Available to the Invercargill area only

For more information:
Visit the Invercargill Licensing Trust

Mataura Licensing Trust (MLT)

  • Applications considered throughout the year
  • Varying grant amounts and types of projects considered
  • Covers the Gore District only;

For more information:
Visit the Mataura Licensing Trust

Southland District Council

Southland District Council facilitates the distribution of funds to community groups in Southland for purposes and projects that will benefit its residents. Some of its funds include:

  • Community Initiatives Fund
  • Northern Southland Development Fund
  • Ohai Railway Fund ( Individuals and Organisations)
  • Sport New Zealand Rural Travel Fund
  • Creative Communities New Zealand Scheme
  • Southland District Council District Heritage Fund
  • Stewart Island/Rakiura Visitor Levy Fund

All of these have two funding rounds per year, with applications closing at the end of March and September. Contact Venture Southland for more information and application forms.

Department of Internal Affairs

A wide range of Lottery, Crown and Trust grants and fellowships are administered by the Department of Internal Affairs and are available to support local initiatives and community services. Contact the Department of Internal Affairs for more information.

For more information:
Go to Community Matters

Gaming Machine Trusts

These trusts distribute funds collected through gaming machines in their areas. They will generally only consider funding projects that benefit residents of areas where they have venues. You will need to contact the funding organisation directly for application forms and information, and you can refer to the Department of Internal Affairs website for a full list of the venues belonging to each gaming machine Trust.

Go to Department of Internal Affairs

Some gaming machine Trusts available to Southland organisations are:

Go to Lion Foundation 
Go to New Zealand Community Trust 
Go to Pub Charity 
Go to The Trusts Community Foundation

Invercargill City Council (ICC) and Gore District Council (GDC)

There are also various funds available at these councils, contact them directly for more information as Venture Southland is only available to provide funding support for residents, ratepayers and community groups in Southland District Council.

Go to Invercargill City Council

Go to Gore District Council

Other Funds

There are also other funds available that relate to either a specific area or purpose in Southland, such as;

  • Southland Regional Heritage Fund
  • Wyndham Charitable Trust Fund
  • Tuatapere Amenities Fund
  • Meridian Energy Community Funds
  • John Beange Fund
For further information contact
Bronwyn Affleck - Venture Southland

Bronwyn Affleck

Administration Manager