Developing trade channels that direct business and visitors to Southland is a key method of destination promotion.

The work undertaken by Venture Southland strives to ensure Southland is recognised throughout the world as a valued destination, not only attractive to travel trade and their clients as a unique holiday offering, but also as a commissionable and therefore lucrative option for the travel trade as well.

"At the end of the day, it is our responsibility to get bums on seats and heads on pillows in Southland – and it’s something we take very seriously”

Venture Southland works with local tourism operators to prepare their businesses for trade and then shares and promotes these businesses through a variety of channels including inbound operators, wholesalers, Tourism New Zealand and retailers including the i-SITE network. Promoting Southland's talented tourism operators is a large part of the role we play to keep Southland front of mind.

Venture Southland builds relationships with these channels through activities such as attending trade shows, providing itinerary collateral, hosting trade representatives on famils and the development of a Southland trade manual.

Trade Shows

Venture Southland attends a number of Trade shows both in New Zealand and overseas which is not only beneficial for the promotion of Southland but in networking with representatives of the Tourism industry.

A major benefit of attending trade shows is to build on the relationships established with trade and media representatives, Tourism New Zealand and the i-SITE network. These relationships ensure that Southland is kept front of mind when promoting to national and international markets.

By attending tradeshows Venture Southland is also able to identify new channels for promotion and educate agents about what the Southland region has to offer. This can encourage inter-regional discussions that result in joint ventures, trends and insights that can be shared with the Southland region.

Representing Southland at national and international trade shows provides opportunities to increase knowledge of movements in the tourism sector and ensures that Venture Southland can adapt marketing initiatives to reflect upcoming developments.

Trade Manual

Venture Southland has created a Trade and Conference Manual that highlights the many reasons for people to visit, hold conferences and do business in Southland.  The manual is a comprehensive marketing tool that can give Southland tourism operators exposure to national and international markets.

For Southland tourism businesses that are targeting conference and incentive business, a listing in the Southland Trade, Conference Manual can ensure that their business is on the radar of inbound sellers and conference planners. Venture Southland endorses this manual as the Official trade and conference publication for distribution to trade and conference channels throughout New Zealand and offshore.

This manual is shared directly with sellers from around the world giving them simple and concise summaries of Southland businesses and operators.

For further information contact
Warrick Low - Venture Southland

Warrick Low

Tourism and Events Manager