Venture Southland develops a variety of marketing campaigns that promote Southland as a preferred destination for visitors and tourism operators.

There is a growing awareness of Southland as a quality tourism destination and Venture Southland is committed to advancing this awareness through the development of marketing campaigns.

This is an ongoing process with campaigns developed and promoted to a variety of target markets. The campaigns integrate differing media channels and approaches depending on the audience that they have been developed for.

Campaigns can be based on promoting the region highlighting Southland tourism operators and attractions. These campaigns perform beyond just being a cunning marketing drive also creating positive word of mouth and invoking a sense of pride across the region.

Other campaigns that Venture Southland is involved with focus on collaborations between local and national tourism operators. This often involves local businesses, bordering regional tourism organisations, national transport providers and Tourism New Zealand.

Working alongside these other operators helps to promote Southland as a quality tourism destination to a wide and diverse market.

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Warrick Low - Venture Southland

Warrick Low

Tourism and Events Manager