Venture Southland pitches opportunities to the media to raise the profile of the Southland region with domestic and international markets.

After pitching exclusive stories that position Southland in a positive light, Venture Southland is able to host media representatives in the region. This includes creating detailed and targeted itineraries that showcase the best of Southland for specific media groups and can result in extensive coverage of the Southland region in various traditional and online channels.

Maintaining relationships and developing new links with media is vital in today’s fast moving society and ensures that the Southland region is promoted to a wide range of markets. This includes Venture Southland partnering with an array of media channels including NZME, MediaWorks and specialised media and social influencers.

Alongside working with the media Venture Southland also works closely with Tourism New Zealand to support their International Media Programme and promote key international marketing messages.

Venture Southland hosts a number of famils (familiarisation of tourism related activities, locations, personalities and accommodation) throughout the year that result in media pieces being generated about the Southland region.

From traditional print stories in newspapers and magazines through to radio and TV broadcasts to the ever evolving multitude of online outlets (blogs, destination profiles, itineraries), the Southland story is being told by talented writers fresh from their authentic experiences in the South.

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Emma Hunter

Tourism Media and Marketing Support