Venture Southland works with councils, existing and potential businesses to develop tourism products that attract visitors to the Southland region.  Alongside developing products, Venture Southland also assesses the economic impact of tourism operations and provides statistical updates for Southland businesses.

New tourism operations can have significant regional impact by creating new jobs, contributing to GDP and encouraging visitors from both domestic and international markets to the region. Venture Southland provides support to existing operators looking to expand or diversify their current product line as well as guiding potential tourism products through to reality.

As part of developing and supporting tourism operations, Venture Southland also collects a range of statistics that help Southland businesses to make informed decisions about new products, locations and potential target markets.

The information provided by Venture Southland allows businesses to see the full picture and make decisions that will ultimately benefit the development of tourism products in the Southland region.

There are several forms of statistical information that Venture Southland can provide which are constantly updated to have the latest information. These include:

Southern Tourism Key Indicators

The Southern Tourism Key Indicators, which are published once a month by Venture Southland, provide an overview of Southland tourism retailers and accommodation providers. The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s commercial accommodation statistics are also analysed alongside regional tourism estimates, MarketView spending and Airbnb housing numbers.

The indicators can be filtered by location to identify local trends and provide a clear breakdown of information specific to each area.

Southern Tourism Key Indicators


Geozone is a network of 20 free, GPS enabled travel applications which tourists use to connect with local tourism providers. Venture Southland has identified that Geozone is a useful tool in understanding how Free Independent Travellers travel through the Southland region.

The information obtained in Geozone can determine both the movement and duration of stay for Free Independent Travellers. This helps to establish what investment may be required for potential commissionable products, hospitality and amenities that are needed to cater for this market.

Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates

The monthly Regional tourism estimates measure the expenditure of domestic and international visitors in regions across New Zealand. The information can be filtered by country of origin, passenger transport mode, retail sales, tourism product grouping such as accommodation and by year.

By filtering the information a breakdown of the statistics specific to a region or particular tourism offering can be obtained.

MBIE - Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates


Marketview analyses consumer spending patterns and can identify how consumers respond to new campaigns, offerings and changes within the market. The data is based on the transactions of BNZ and Paymark (EFTPOS) cardholders. Venture Southland uses Marketview to provide statistics on where Southlanders, and visitors to the region, are spending their money.

 The data can be segmented by several categories, including ‘tourist activities’ and ‘food and liquor’ which provides a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour in the Southland region.

Commercial Accommodation Monitor

The Commercial Accommodation Monitor (CAM) measures commercial accommodation statistics. The data gathered can include the number of accommodation establishments in a region, the average daily capacity of an establishment, occupancy rate and guest nights of an establishment, the average length of guests stay and much more. This information is able to identify any trends or changes within the accommodation sector and is useful for both accommodation owners and event organisers.


Venture Southland has commissioned Infometrics (A New Zealand based company that provides industry and regional economic analysis and forecasts) to gather data on the growth of Airbnb in the Southland region. The data analysed can include occupancy rate, average revenue per property, housing stock and much more. This information is useful for operators in understanding the extent of the growth of Airbnb in Southland and how it is now a prominent accommodation option for visitors to the region.

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